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Welcome to Cojalina Martial Arts

About Cojalina Martial Arts

We first opened our doors for martial arts training in Royston, Barnsley, South Yorkshire in 2014 as a franchise. Since then we have expanded with a second location in Monk Bretton, under Ms Kay Benson and launched an independent brand, Cojalina Martial Arts, offering excellence in martial arts training in the Barnsley area. We are  family run and family orientated academies that  offers progressive training in a warm and friendly environment. Our team are here to help you or your child fulfil their full potential, not just in the martial arts but in every aspect of life. 


Progress at your rate

Feel fitter, more flexible and increase your confidence

Train as regularly as you can and see the benefits of the martial arts. Set both short and long term goals and move through our progressive belting system building and developing knowledge and understanding of your chosen art 

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